Hospital Rock Trail

Well, I’m late at posting. I didn’t get the chance to post this on Sunday, then the work week started and now here we are! Just so much that went on this week!

Last Sunday, I went out to Jones Gap State Park to hike Hospital Rock Trail out to Falls Creek Falls, then hike back, which was about 10 miles total. Let me tell you, I way underestimated this hike! It was a great challenge, and I love uphill climbs, but what I thought was only going to take about 6 hours, ended up taking us 8 hours! WAY off!

My dad decided to join me with one of their dogs, Bae, so it was still enjoyable regardless of time….although it may have been slightly less enjoyable to my dad. We met in the visitor lot around 915 and hit the trail about 930. (Thought we would be done around 3, but didn’t get done until 530…)


We also forgot to fill out the information card in case we get lost on trail, so thank god that didn’t happen.

The trail goes uphill very quickly, and doesn’t stop for a long while! If you want a challenge, I think this really is a great one. Lots of rocks and interesting things to see, but very difficult!

hospital 2

Below is my dad and Bae. Like I said, just constantly an uphill trek.

hospital 3

Near the beginning of the hike, there’s this really awesome spot where you’re hiking up and around the mini waterfall area seen below. Even if you didn’t want to do the entire hike, this was a really nice place to hang out and relax without getting too far into the hike. BUT if you only hiked to this point, you would really miss out on the best part!

hospital5 - Edited

When you finally get near the tree line, you come out on the side of the mountain with a nice view of the distance and, of course, some power lines. It does ruin the view, but it’s still beautiful to me!


After the above picture the trail starts to look like the below picture. Not for too long but my legs were scratched up from all the overgrowth. Don’t think anyone has gone up there for trail maintenance in a bit. Just something to take note of, especially if you’re going to wear shorts.


Another lookout spot that was absolutely beautiful!


A short bit after the lookout points, you come to Hospital Rock. I didn’t get any pictures because, quite frankly, it was too damn big. Really gorgeous though! You can’t miss it because there will be a sign there; you walk around to view the rock and then you go back to the sign to follow the trail from there. I mention this because when you’re at the rock it does look like the trail will keep going, and we followed it for a short bit, but it looked like it just went off somewhere non trail related.

Still a lot more up and down after Hospital Rock. To be honest the up and down never really ends.


After a strenuous hike, we finally made it out to the most amazing waterfall I’ve ever seen! Just so massive and incredible!


We hiked up to the top via Falls Creek Falls trail and got a shot of the upper portion of the waterfall.


This waterfall made every single bit of the strenuous uphill climb worth it!! The hike back was quite an uphill climb as well, but, again, after that waterfall the whole thing was worth it. Makes me realize how people can do the AT and the PCT, chasing those highs of seeing amazing views after all the hard work.

I would recommend this hike to anyone!!

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