Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve

It’s been a while since my last post, but unfortunately I hurt my back recently at work and wasn’t able to go hiking on my last days off. With this being my short week at work, I’ll also have a blog posted this Sunday as well, which is gonna be an awesome hike up at Jones Gap! So be on the lookout for that one!

Yesterday, my friend took me out to Lexington to experience Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve. I had no idea this place was so close to Columbia, and to be honest I had never even heard of this place. What’s also really awesome is that there is a long list of protected DNR lands that are free to experience all over South Carolina.


We didn’t stay too long, only about an hour’s worth of hiking, but I want to come back another day and hike more of the trails. There are many trails that intersect, so you could vary the mileage quite easily. We mostly went to check out the waterfall, Peachtree Rock, and Little Peachtree Rock.

We followed the trail straight to Peachtree Rock, which was knocked over a while back. The display said it was caused by erosion but, of course, there’s speculation as to some dipshits who took it upon themselves to push it over. Guess we’ll never know that one… Below is the picture of the rock.


Both of those big sandstone slabs would normally be horizontal, with the large slab on top, which would have been awesome to see! Directly after this, the trail leads to the waterfall, which is a great place to hang out and relax, maybe have a picnic. Even though it was an incredibly hot day, it felt cool and comfortable in this area, and I could definitely see coming out here one day and just hanging out! Below is a couple of shots of the waterfall, but I didn’t take a shot of the rocks you can climb on.


The second shot has a rainbow in it near the bottom of the waterfall, but it’s quite hard to distinctly see it. After we enjoyed the waterfall, we hiked out to Little Peachtree Rock. On the way out, we came upon this open sandy area that was almost at the tree line. This would be an awesome place to enjoy the eclipse that’s coming up! I will have to work, of course, so I won’t be able to take advantage, but if anyone happens to see this post before the eclipse – take advantage!! Lot’s of vegetation like wild berries and sassafras. Also fun note, I didn’t realize sassafras smelled so good!! Break the stem and it smells amazing! It makes me think of lemongrass, which is definitely in my top favorite smells.


Above is Little Peachtree Rock, and this spot was very cool as well! Way more hot due to being higher in elevation and not a lot of tree coverage, BUT this would be an even better location to view the eclipse. Climb the rocks and go a little higher on the trail, and yeah it would be simply awesome!

Overall, I loved this hike! I do have a soft spot for the mountain views and uphill trails, but for the sandhills region, this place was awesome! I will definitely be coming back to explore more! Hope you enjoyed the blog and are able to get out and explore this awesome place.

Talk to ya’ll again soon!

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