Crowders Mountain State Park

Decided last minute to head up to Crowders Mountain State Park today for a hike on their strenuous Pinnacle Trail. I’ve been here once before and hiked the Backside Trail on the other side of the park, but I got sick and didn’t get to hike as much as I wanted. Buuuuuuut that’s another story.

I also decided against the podcast today, so blogging it shall be!

Pinnacle Trail is a relatively short, but strenuous, trail; about 2 miles out, mostly uphill, and 2 miles back. Takes about four hours total but longer if you decide to hang out on the rocks for a while, enjoying the view. Pretty much the whole trail is very easy to follow. They keep the trail marked quite often, so you don’t go far without seeing an orange circle nailed to a tree.

Here’s a picture of how wide the trail is:


There’s a bit of trail near the beginning that goes over many rocks, but it’s still easy to navigate. Plus, there have been a decent number of visitors both times I’ve hiked at this park, so even if you did get confused at any point, you shouldn’t go too long without seeing someone.


Other than the trail being uphill, there was nothing insanely difficult about this trail. When you start really going uphill there are a lot of tree roots in the trail, but it’s quite wide so you can walk over many different foot paths.

When you start to finally wonder how much longer this can possibly go on, you will more than likely be very close to the top…

Where you will see this….


Of course there is a sign warning you to be careful of the rocks, but honestly after all the uphill you would be crazy to turn short of the overlook! Just be careful going up and down the rocks because it is pretty steep; you definitely want to watch your footing. The view is amazing and you can even see the mountains in the far distance (which you can’t see in the picture below, but you can see them when you’re up there)! It was a little crowded at the top, but not too much to ruin the view.


Not the most challenging trail, but a great workout nonetheless, with very rewarding views! Overall, it was an awesome hike and definitely worth the trip!


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