Harbison State Forest

Hey yall! Hiking in Columbia is a little scarce, but Harbison State Forest does not disappoint! No, there are no mountain views, waterfalls, or hiking trails to an awesome summit (which I will admit are my favorite things), but as far as being located centrally in the state and close to downtown Columbia, this is definitely the best hiking you will find. Even with that said, the trails are nothing to be upset about, especially if you are into mountain biking.

Today I hiked the outermost loop of trails so I could practice a long hike for the Foothills Trail. Parking in the lot at the entrance to the park, I started with Firebreak Trail on the right, continued onto Midlands Mountain Trail, then switched over onto Spider-Woman II. Spider-Woman II then ended back onto Midlands Mountain Trail, and I took that to the connector onto Stewardship Trail. From this trail I continued back onto Firebreak Trail, which brought me back to the same parking lot at the entrance. In total, I hiked about 12 miles, though I’m not actually sure if that is an accurate mileage. Either way, it was a great hike and great practice with distance. This took about 5 hours total, so next time I’ll probably bring my overnight pack with some weight in it.

I’m not going to go into as much detail as I do in the podcast, but you can find the podcast here:

It might be easier if you have the Anchor app because then you should be able to see the Episodes, instead of having to listen to each segment separately. I also uploaded from the Anchor app to Google Play, and it should be under Ranger Rachel.

As I mention in the podcast, here are some of the pictures from the hike!

Entrance to the Firebreak Trail:


Firebreak Trail:


Midlands Mountain Trail:


Spider-Woman II Trail:


Lake Murray from Spider-Woman II trail, really nice spot!


Creek on Spider-Woman II:


Stewardship Trail:


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